Steba biotech Organisation:

Steba biotech is a private biotechnology company with its headquarters in Luxembourg and offices in France, Israel, USA, Brazil and Switzerland.schematic

Steba biotech: Innovative therapeutic solutions for the treatment of cancers

Steba biotech participates in research in prostate cancer, oesophagus cancer, urothelial cell carcinoma, kidney cancer, triple-negative breast cancer and pancreatic cancer in collaboration with the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Weizmann Institute and the University of Oxford.

Pre-clinical: Study of the molecule, its structure, its effect on cells, its effect on living subjects (cell cultures, animals) at the behavioral and biological level, the study of the targeted organs. It is performed in vitro and then in vivo to determine the maximum tolerated dose.
Phase I: The studies are carried out in the healthy volunteer. They have two objectives: to ensure that the toxicity in humans is comparable to that tested in living subjects during the preclinical stage and analyse the fate of the drug in the body.
Phase II: Study to determine the optimal dose of the drug in terms of efficacy/safety. These tests are carried out on small homogeneous groups of about one hundred patients.
Phase III: Studies comparing the new drug with a current ‘gold standard’ treatment or a placebo (a drug with no therapeutic activity) on a large group of patients. The objective is to evaluate the new drug’s efficacy / tolerability ratio.