Padeliporfin Immune Photo-Activated Cancer Therapy (ImPACT) is a novel Oncology technology platform with the potential to treat a range of solid tumors at localized and metastatic stages

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Steba biotech is at the forefront of the biotechnology industry working to develop precise, effective, and convenient new therapeutic solutions which will allow thousands of patients to confidently face the challenges of cancer while maintaining their quality of life. Our technology – ImPACT – offers surgery-like efficacy where surgery is debilitating or where the patient is ineligible.

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Interview with Dr Jonathan Coleman; Тhe ENLIGHTED Study PI discusses the study and potential for Light Activated Treatment of Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer
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Steba Biotech treats first patient in pivotal ENLIGHTED study of Padeliporfin ImPACT
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Steba Biotech receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Padeliporfin ImPACT
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FDA Grants Fast Track Designation to Padeliporfin ImPACT for Steba Biotech
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Science – Padeliporfin ImPACT
To learn more about our novel Oncology platform and see our development pipeline
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Transforming the treatment paradigm requires innovation and strong collaborations. If you share our vision and are interested in working with Steba biotech
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“The prospect of bringing this revolution in the management of localized solid tumors to physicians and patients across the world is extremely exciting.” .

Barak Palatchi, CEO of Steba biotech